Who we are

Manufacturing & Product Development Facility

Nutricia Liverpool is dedicated to developing and manufacturing specialised medical nutrition.

The state-of-the-art facility employs over 300 people working across development and manufacture. It's a development centre for high quality medical nutrition to meet a huge variety of needs - from carefully controlled small volumes for UK patients, to bulk orders for export to nearly 50 countries.

Changing lives

Our research reveals practical solutions to nutritional challenges in healthcare, making a real difference to patients' lives in the process. Nutricia Liverpool develops and manufactures medical nutrition for all kinds of patients at all stages of life, with a focus on early life nutrition and specialised products for metabolic disorders.

As well as the large quantities we manufacture and ship all the time, we’re also able to help patients in a big way, with smaller quantities. In the past we have carried on making small batches of certain products in previously discontinued formats, specifically for a few patients who find that old format works best for them, and still want to use it. With our own manufacturing facility close at hand, we can do even more to help HCPs provide the best possible tailored foods for special medical purposes for patients.

Our Liverpool site is the only facility in the UK that operates an entirely protein free factory environment

We have 7 research and development locations across Europe, America, Asia?and Latin America

Looking to the future

Thanks to strong links to our innovation centre in the Netherlands, Nutricia Liverpool has a dedicated team who design and develop new products for our future pipeline.?Our innovations rely on breakthrough research in nutrition and disease management, with evidence-backed nutritional products delivering real health benefits; in 2015, our parent company Danone invested €307m in nutrition research.*

*2015 Nutricia Annual Report