Who we are

The environment and corporate responsibility

Nutricia, Danone and the environment.

At Danone, our parent company, environmental issues are at the heart of the business, and we believe that food produced sustainably can help protect the health of our planet.

We adopted a global Environmental Charter in 1996 and defined a ten-year plan and objectives in 2000. The group boosted its efforts in 2008 by setting the goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in its direct scope of responsibility by 30% in five years, a goal that was surpassed at the end of 2012.

We want to make a positive impact with every element?of how we do business



Looking ahead, we have identified four key focus areas of commitment where we feel we can make the biggest difference as outlined in our Danone Nature 2020 Plan: climate, water, packaging and agriculture.

Our main goals are to:

  • Cut carbon by 50%
  • Protect water resources
  • Turn waste into resources
  • Promote sustainable resources

Corporate Responsibility (CR)

Our responsibilities go beyond solutions in medical nutrition.

Corporate responsibility (CR) is about conducting business in a responsible way. At Nutricia we achieve this through our commitment to supporting each other and working together with both local and national partners.

Awareness and support for Allergy UK

Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million people living with allergy across Britain. They provide a dedicated helpline, support network and online forum for those with allergies and intolerance, and they educate healthcare professionals. Nutricia is pleased to work as a partner with them supporting a number of their objectives, such as:

  • Funding a dedicated dietetic telephone support service for parents of young children with suspected food allergy
  • Funding nationwide Allergy UK Masterclass Study Events to educate GPs and other HCPs on allergies

Our working relationship has also helped Nutricia to understand more about the experience of those living with allergies and the kind of support that is required to ensure earlier diagnosis and improved management.

Founding member of the Malnutrition Task Force

As a founding member of the Malnutrition Task Force, Nutricia has come together with independent experts across health, social care and local government and the voluntary sector to combat malnutrition among older people. The Task Force’s Malnutrition Prevention Programme has helped to:

  • Raise awareness of malnutrition
  • Identify older people who are at risk of or already malnourished
  • Provide support and nutritional care
  • Monitor and evaluate activities to improve provision of care

The Malnutrition Task Force aims to help improve quality of life for the estimated 1 million people over 65 in the UK affected by malnutrition. It supports the system to understand the potential cost benefits of tackling preventable malnutrition.