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Nutricia Homeward

Nutricia’s Homeward service helps patients and carers

The Nutricia Homeward service helps?patients and carers manage tube feeding at home safely and independently.

Our support begins when a patient is ready to be discharged from hospital?and continues at home throughout the patient’s tube feeding journey.

The Nutricia Homeward Enteral Nurse Specialists have the skills to provide reassurance and support to people who tube feed. Their aim is to ensure that?people are confident in managing tube feeding safely.

Specialist nurses

Our team of Nutricia Homeward Enteral Nurse Specialists provide training and clinical care at home for tube fed patients registered to the service.

Our team of 100 specialist nurses made over 31,000 visits in 2015*

Supportive patient co-ordinators

Patient co-ordinators make monthly care calls to patients to organise deliveries, check stock levels and liaise with patients' GPs to request monthly prescriptions.

Advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Efficient, dedicated delivery

We work to provide a dedicated delivery service:

  • Trained drivers deliver all supplies and equipment directly to patients’ homes
  • Text Ahead sends a confirmation text the day before and a second text on the day of delivery to give patients more freedom and flexibility.

More support from Nutricia

Nutricia Homeward Connections

Nutricia Homeward Connections provides healthcare professionals with a safe, secure and easy to access website to register their patients to the Nutricia Homeward Service. It's an easy place to view all the information they need to manage their patient’s tube feeding journey.

Online ordering

Patients can place monthly orders online and access useful information at their own convenience at nutriciahomeward.co.uk.

Almost 350,000 deliveries are made each year*