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We develop Apps to make life easier for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

For patients with an inherited metabolic disorder: the LowPro App

Life can be complicated whoever you are. Living with a inherited metabolic disorder demands that extra little bit of organisation to keep track of your protein intake, take your substitutes, and regularly check your blood. We’ve developed the LowPro App, a tracker full of helpful features to make life a little simpler:

  • To get started, just add your daily limit of exchanges, your protein substitute, your desired blood level range, and you’re off!
  • Add your exchanges throughout the day
  • Calculate how much of a certain food you can have for one exchange
  • Set reminders to take your protein substitute
  • Add your blood results
  • See your number of exchanges, protein substitutes, and latest blood levels on the dashboard
  • Make notes of questions to ask your healthcare professional
  • Set alerts so you never miss another appointment
  • Save your results, or share them with your healthcare professional quickly and easily.

Download the LowPro app

Download?Nutricia dietetic app

For dietitians: the Nutricia Dietetic App

Designed for dietitians in the UK and Ireland, the Nutricia dietetic app has a unique combination of features to help you in your daily practice. It works without WiFi or mobile data, and is available to download now for Android and iPhone.

Nutritional requirements calculator

Enter the patient’s sex, date of birth, weight and height to their calculate energy, protein and fluid requirements.

RNI comparison

Create a nutritional programme using Nutricia products and compare its values against the recommended nutritional intake. The App highlights when the intake falls short or exceeds the reference nutrient intake (RNI) for each nutrient.

Product compendium

All the datacards for adult, metabolic and paediatric Nutricia products, at your fingertips.